Life Coaching

I don’t believe in accidents and was so grateful I found Dipika. She has helped me find clarity.  Open my heart to self-love...see and overcome obstacles that have blocked my progress. Learn about accountability for myself and my life choices. But the very best has been getting back my personal power and to see that I can do and be anything I want. That life is full of meaningful possibilities. Thank you my mentor my friend.  NAMASTE


- Linda A.

Personal Trainer

Murrieta, CA

Nutrition Coaching

I knew that my 60-day interspaced hernia and prostate surgeries were going to play havoc with my body. Between the medications and ensuing infections, I was right. I engaged Dipika as a health coach to nutritionally guide me through the process of feeding my body the right foods pre and post surgeries. I highly recommend Dipika as a most knowledgeable health practitioner."

- Rev Richard C.

Palm Springs, CA

Life Coaching

“Dipika is easy to work with, very attentive, and provides me with the tools which support to take action and move forward with the vision I have for my future. Her insight is appreciated and on target.”

- Olivia B.

Perris, CA

Life Coaching

"After researching local therapist and life coaches in the area, I decided to speak with Dipika on the phone.  I felt a connection with her Immediately, I told her my story and she understood where I was coming from. She really listened to me. She didn't try to change me. She helped me reprogram how I reacted to situations and people who trigger me. 

If you really want to move forward into becoming the best possible version of yourself, I am in full support of recommending Dipika Patel as your life coach."


- Cherilin B.

Outdoor Educator and Coordinator

Indio, CA


“I visited Dipika suffering from a bad episode of sciatica nerve pain. I had visited her before for other back and posture issues, so I knew I’d be in good hands. I received a helpful intensive session along with instructions for self-care with stretches targeting the area of the sciatica nerve. I highly recommend Dipika for anyone suffering from any kind of pain or tension. Dipika has helped me with a number of issues and has never disappointed me.”


- Yaotl G.

Tattoo Artist

Coachella, CA



"Dipika Patel has been treating me for years now. She is extremely knowledgeable in her practice of natural healing modalities. Her passion for the healing arts shows itself in the work she preforms. Not only do you feel a Huge shift, but you also feel motivated for life. Her ability to see and hear the body and all its needs brings about a clear answer of what the root causes are and what answers are effectively needed. As someone who is not trained in her arts but only familiar with the routes taken, I can assure you she is the real deal! I would highly recommend these methods of healing as it is some of the most effective and profound I have experienced."

 - Sara S.


Bermuda Dunes, CA

Nutrition Coaching


"It is a pleasure working with Dipika in health and food classes and personal coaching...she has shared tools for my growth and healing and supported me in being responsible and accountable in my journey. Her commitment to Healing with Love is passionate and inspiring.

- Sherry G.

Thousand Palms, CA



"When you hear the term "healer", it brings about tremendous skepticism. I am amazed at Dipika's intuitive healing powers to be able to pinpoint with great accuracy the dysfunction within your body and go about the business of providing relief and healing. I've had 3 sessions with this lady and swear that each session is like peeling more layers off the onion and getting to the core of the problem. It is an emotional, physical and spiritual journey that you will not soon forget!!!!"

- Larry P.

Personal Trainer

Indian Wells, CA


"Dipika was recommended to me. I just had Integrated Crystal Energy Therapy. I can't even describe how absolutely amazing it was. Not only was my physical pain relieved, but so many emotional issues were addressed. She is a powerful and gifted healer. I look forward to seeing her again."

- Cheryl G.

Energy Worker

Bermuda Dunes, CA


"The vision board workshop was amazing. It was great to reconnect with Dipika. Her energy is infectious!"

- Mark E.


Palm Desert, CA

Featured Writer and Speaker

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