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I can't wait to get to know you. The world is waiting for you to show up as you, not the baggage which was your past. 

Whether you are struggling with health issues, physical pain, emotional pain, or you are struggling with real life and do not know how to get out of that rut, these coaching programs are for you. This program leads you to the right path so you can start to make the right choices to LOVE YOUR LIFE HEALTHY.


Welcome to coaching with Dipika Patel and Love Your Life Healthy. I know the coaching industry is saturated with personal development coaches, self-development coaches, mind set coaches, health coaches, business coaches etc.… the list goes on as does the confusion of which way to go, possibly leaving you with the feeling of… ‘what is the point of going through this struggle of who to find and who to trust? This is too much... forget it’. Does this sound familiar to you? I know when I look back 20 years ago, I was thinking ‘why would I go to anyone else when I can get this information online and work through it by myself’? The truth of the matter is, as much as we have the power within us to make this happen, we will only experience the work we do when we start living life with others and getting different perspectives. 


My life drastically changed and transformed when a mentor came into my life and things started to shift. I was able to see where my negative thinking was impacting everything I was doing. (Even when I was thinking I am not negative, lol.) From that point on I have to say, I have never looked back. Life has been full of amazing heartwarming experiences, adventures and relationships that have supported me through my life. Being of service and making a difference to each individual person I work with and watching them grow helps me to see just how much it does work, and that life has much more to offer if you are willing to see.   


I believe there are no mistakes in the world. Those so-called 'mistakes' are the only way to learn how we can become better individuals. One better individual is better than none, however when you see this on a larger spectrum this is where our world truly can change for the better. We all have a past- good, bad or ugly, it doesn’t matter as we are here to transform old behaviors, habits, pains and limitations. Now, here we are living in the present as you are reading this text, but most times we are living in the future as we cannot still ourselves long enough to see what is happening right now, which is where our future is created. How do I know this you ask? I know because I have been through it, I know what this is like and in the past it has left me feeling alone, struggling and stuck. 


The stresses of our daily lives are taking over our sanity and disconnecting us from our truth, even disconnecting us from our collective truth as a lot of use are wrapped up in our own pain and beliefs about life. Remember the saying 'hurt people, hurt people', this is where were you can start to shift that and change our own focus and make it a better world for ourselves and others as this will naturally become a bi-product of working through your own challenges. When we are struggling, we don’t know who to trust and we may not even trust ourselves, our thoughts, feeling and reactions can over power us and result in playing small. Have you wondered how to go about making healthy choices? Only to be overtaken by so much noise that you can no longer hear yourself think clearly so you can make a decision and move forward. The value of learning about yourself for yourself, can only come from you. When we can make decisions easily, knowing that everything will be ok and life is working with you not against you, is when we start to see that life is full of magical beauty and serendipity. 


If you have been wondering if you should get a coach or mentor, I highly recommend it. Believe me, it is not overrated. Do your own research and find that match that works for you. This is about your life and how you can become happier and more joyful through all the struggles and hardships you have faced or may currently be facing. You deserve to be happy, and you deserve to be able to bring into your life what you have been dreaming of, let us make your dream a reality, you no longer need to live in limbo. Your coach will support you through your journey as you learn to work your life in a healthier, happier and fulfilling way. You will find peace in your mind and forgiveness in your heart as you move forward through your life. I congratulate you just for going this far forward. Say yes to yourself... Sign Up Today and you will never regret it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Coaching / Teaching / Mentoring?


A Professional Coach is a Personal Change Expert / Teacher / Mentor. Coaches help people grow faster, perform at a higher level, understand themselves more deeply, and live with greater purpose and fulfillment. In the same way that a personal trainer helps a pro athlete maximize performance, a personal coach can help the client get the most out of their life.


  • Coaching is a Transformational Conversation

  • Coaching is a Transparent Relationship

  • Coaching is a Support System for Change

  • Coaching is Continuous Leadership Development

  • Coaching is a Supportive Extension of Therapy / Counseling


What Coaching / Teaching / Mentoring is not...


Neither Life Coaching / Teaching / Mentoring nor Inner Healing is psychotherapy or counseling. Neither Life Coaching / Teaching / Mentoring nor Inner Healing addresses mental disorders as defined by the American Psychiatric Association. Individual Life Coaching / Teaching / Mentoring and Inner Healing sessions are not a substitute for counseling, psychotherapy, mental health care or substance abuse treatment. Psychotherapy is a healthcare service, and its primary focus is to identify, diagnose and treat nervous and mental disorders.


What Coaching / Teaching / Mentoring is...


Life Coaching / Teaching / Mentoring and Inner Healing are collaborative processes that rely on the initiation, input and judgement of the individual participant. Coaching is action orientated, solution focused and encourages change. It involves accountability and commitment to growth through increased competence, commitment, and confidence. Coaching may involve looking at the past, but with the primary purpose of moving the clients towards the accomplishment of his or her predetermined goals. Inner healing involves focusing on a select inner barrier or emotion that is hindering the accomplishment of your goal for the purpose of dissolving the barrier or freeing that emotion to allow for the completion of the goal.


Each individual client will set the agenda for their goal or area of inner healing in each session. Each individual’s success will largely depend upon your willingness to define goals and try new approaches. They agree to taking responsibility for themselves as they try these new approaches and to let their coach know if something is or is not working for them. Each individual also agrees to stop working with a coach and to seek professional therapy if they find that this work is bringing up something that cannot be addressed with Coaching / Teaching / Mentoring / Inner Healing Techniques. Each client can expect their coach to be honest and direct, asking straightforward questions and offer challenging techniques to help keep them moving forward. Coaching will involve holistic truth to help guide each person towards their desired goal(s).


Each client will agree to release the coach from their pledged confidentiality should they in any way threaten to harm themselves or any other being. They understand that in such cases the appropriate authorities will be contacted for their own protection.

Group Coaching For Your Community

The Importance of Community Collaboration


“Healthcare innovation requires partnership between government, the private sector and social entrepreneurs.”

~ Katusha De Villiers


Coaching for Community Partnerships


It is imperative to bring all aspects of the community together in being fully engaged to speak one universal language, to support your clientele. This enables a better relationship with external communities, to sustain a healthy connection in business partnerships, education, health and overall lifestyles. Community collaboration enables all departments to take responsibility and accountability for their actions in knowing that it supports a common goal, which is to create sustainable communities.


The mission of Love Your Life Healthy is to empower, strengthen and support each individual staff member and clientele to communicate efficiently and effectively within their individual department by developing a cohesive and integrated process. In which, each department works harmoniously with the next, creating a strong and productive culture that empowers the clients to achieve their individual goals.


Collaboration is a working practice whereby individuals work together with a common purpose to achieve community sustainability. This means…


  • Consistency in Treatment

  • Building a Foundation to Build a Stable Environment

  • Better Outcomes for Clients and Organization

  • Better Rapport Between Client and External Communities

  • Develop Universal Language Skills

  • Be an Active Member in Achieving a Common Goal

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