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To empower individuals, children, adolescents, and families in the Coachella Valley and outlying desert areas to build and maintain healthy lives that enable them to cultivate better relationships; pursue meaningful work/education and leisure activities; and foster a more satisfying sense of community that will contribute to well-being and healthy lifestyles now and throughout their lives. 

All-Desert Wellness Centers does this by providing evaluation, assessment, treatment planning, clinical intervention, and feedback by means of the Centers' team that includes the individual, child/adolescent, and his or her family. All-Desert Wellness Centers also accomplishes this mission by training clinicians to adhere to the highest ethical standards of practice and in the values and approach inherent in the Center's programs.

All Desert Wellness Center is 

A 501(c)3 non-profit organization

Tax ID #26-4505734

73-726 Alessandro Dr., Ste. 203

Palm Desert, CA 92260



Mellissa is a full time professional Notary Public Loan Signing Agent and eager to assist you with any of your Notary needs. She will travel to your Home, Office or the location of your choice and provide prompt and precise Notary Services for you or your loved ones. She is a certified Loan Signing Agent with means she knows how to guide you or your clients through Real Estate loan closing documents with accuracy. She is a true professional offering complete accurate Notary Services with A+ customer service.


Our Angels are always speaking to us~ Hi my name is Dora. Sharing love by delivering our Angels Messages brings me absolute joy!! My background hails from growing up as a pastors kid and finding my own spiritual journey along the way~ I am the first in my family with these gifts and I am so excited to share them with you...

Natural Empath/Intuitive
Life Coach
Certified Destiny Card Reader/Teacher
Certified Reiki Master/Teacher
Distance Reiki Healer


Own Your Inner Bitch So She Can't Own You

A Women's Guide to Self-Love and Self-Mastery

By Dipika Patel

Are you ready to transform your relationship with YOU? Discover your path of self-love and gift yourself with the power of YOU taking control of YOUR life.

If you have come here in search of bettering yourself or wanting to understand who you are, then this is the right place to begin your journey.


Whether you are a Mother, Daughter, Grandmother, a Sister, Auntie, an Entrepreneur, Solopreneur, Coach, Industry Expert, or even a regular Susan or Jane, you are still a Woman. Just waiting for your true authentic self to be seen, acknowledged, loved, heard, understood and ultimately set free.

Dive deep and explore who you truly are at your core and learn to live your life to the fullest. Become and own your Authentic You.

Own Your Inner Bitch So She Can't Own You ~ A Woman's Guide to Self-Love and Self-Mastery is not just a book, but an amazing tool to guide and support you through the process of Self Discovery providing you an opportunity to delve into material that will have a positive everlasting effect on your life.


Victoria is a Flower Essence Practitioner. She loves to help people and accomplishes this by working with flower essences, which are subtle energetic frequencies from plants (imprints) containing the divine intelligence of nature. Also known as "Liquid Light". Flower Essence Therapy is a healing modality that can work alone or with all other therapies cohesively with out she effects. Flower Essences work energetically to balance mental, emotional, physical and etheric bodes. When taken with love and reverence they can shift perspective on any given matter and transform negative thought patterns to positive ones thereby raising consciousness levels and bringing one back into balance.


Mobile Notary • If you need someone who's available, knowledgeable, and who can help in understanding your important documents, Dennise Marie is ready and able.

She travels to your home, business or other meeting place at a time that fits your busy schedule. With years of experience as a Notary she can definitely help you.

Available days, and evenings. Just give quick call, text or email to set-up an appointment.

Reiki Master Practitioner • Dennise Marie is a Certified Intuitive Energy Healer, Certified Medium and Certified Reiki Master and Practitioner.


She has been providing and teaching Reiki for over 15 years. While on her own journey of self -healing and self-development, Dennise Marie has found that one of her greatest joys is the opportunity to work with and guide individuals (people and animals) experiencing a transition in their lives, regardless of what that transition may be including but not limited to a change in lifestyle, family dynamics, health, loss, or even a move and much more. When transition happens some of us have the tendency to try everything we can to avoid grieving instead of facing and embracing it. But it is only when we start to grieve that we allow healing to happen. Dennise Marie incorporates any modalities and gifts that are needed during a session.

Apple Computer Consultant • Dennise Marie has been an Apple Computer Consultant since 1986. She works with Small Businesses, Self Employed and Home Users providing both in person and remote technical support.

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