Cook Your Life Healthy

If you have not yet gathered, Dipika has a love for life, love for food and she has a love to share her creations with you. 
Recipes to be published soon, watch this space.


If you don't like water, and sometime you wonder, how am I going to create something deelicious to quench my thirst?... Well wonder no more, you are in the right place.


Appetizers are fun and can make a great meal or a snack. I think its a great way to eat, sometimes I make appetizer meals, that way I get a mixture of textures and flavors and its all portion controlled.


I love making a one pot combination of produce. Lots of different, textures, flavors, which make a heavenly hearty meal that fills me up, yet is clean and well balanced.


For all more vegan friends, when it comes to choosing vegan foods, sometimes is difficult to make meals that have the right balance of textures, flavors and aromas. Come and try some of my favorite creations.


Learn how to make your own homemade cheeses, yogurts, and other yummy vegetarian dishes.


Fortunately desserts can be healthy, refreshing, sensual, and a perfect compliment and ending to the perfect meal you have created for your loved ones and yourself.


People often ask me, what is your favorite cuisine? Even though I am a food lover, Indian food will always be my favor. I love the traditional dishes, but my favorite dishes are those that have been blended in with a variety of international influence.


Come summer, or winter I love soup. Its gentle on the stomach, yet satisfying, which leave you feeling all warm and fuzzy inside. You can make a soup light and fresh or you can make a soup dense, filling and comforting.


Smoothies are a great way for us to get in our vitamins and minerals and nourish our bodies. However, I truly believe everything in moderation. Come and explore some great recipes with me.


It was only when I came to the United States of America when I realized how popular sauces and dips are. Rightly so though, as you can always use them to add flavor to any meal.


Life is about divine consciousness, learn about where your produce is coming from, learn to eat in moderation. How much animal protein is to much? Portion control is vital.


Getting that one large plate of seasonal greens and the balance of other colorful vegetables is so much fun when you figure out the basic principles of making a delectable salad.


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