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The Dipika Patel Life is an independent Holistic Health & Lifestyle Coach who's life work is about the overall wellness of her community. If the community is well, the community she serves is thriving. Dipika prides herself as one who builds relationships with people of the community to leave an impact on your life for the better. Knowing that life does not happen when we are alone, it happens when we work, and stand together. As strong foundations are built in the Coachella Valley Area she has comprised of qualified health and wellness specialists ready to put their energy and skills towards helping you reach your goals. Each professional practitioner are independent of Dipika's services. she believes in establishing an energy balance and flow within your mind, body and soul. Get in touch to learn more about Dipika and the amazing local natural healers within the valley— We look forward to being a part of your healthy lifestyle.


Holistic Health & Lifestyle Expert

Whether you’re looking for a better way of eating or you want to make major life changes to transform your life or you simply want to consult with an experienced and professional Wellness Expert, Dipika is your go to person for your health and lifestyle needs.


CADAC-1 Licensed Drug & Alcohol Counsellor and Growth Coach

As a successful family man and business owner, Randy met and exceeded all of his expectations in life, yet he was dying inside. As a survivor of sexual abuse and even with all of the success, he struggled daily with low self esteem, depression, anxiety and chemical dependency.  He is here to tell you there is a solution for hope and healing.


Owner & Founder of Mot'us Floatation & Wellness Center

Louise is not only the owner and founder of Mot'us Floatation & Wellness Center, she is also a Primary Health & Wellness Consultant, Exercise & Bodywork Rehabilitation Specialist. To learn more about Louise please visit her website.


Chiropractic MD and Functional Medicine Practitioner

As a Certified fuFunctional Medicine Practitioner, she specializes in anti-aging programs and chronic disease treatment. Dr Quam has kept up to date on the most comprehensive and advanced Functional Medicine techniques, & Chiropractic Wellness.  Anti-Aging programs available today, bringing the very best in the art and science of wellness to her patients.


Specialty Olive Oil & Vinegar Store

Olive A'Sudden provide both Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar tasting rooms. They provide their customers a special opportunity to taste olive oils and balsamic vinegars from around the world before they buy. The pleasure of sampling oils and vinegars is an old European custom and Olive A’Sudden now brings that tradition right here to southern California.

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